Secret Lab Testing

We are working away like mad scientists to bring you more finger numbing apps. In the mean time check out our other experiments, Read our blog and get in touch with us!

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Crazy Scientists at Work!

Right now we are concocting evil plans to take over the App world. Soon we will have multiple Apps in multiple niches. No finger is safe!!

Soon you and all your friends will become addicted to the evil awesomeness that will soon lie at your fingertips.

If you wish to learn more of our evil plans make sure to contact us, connect on social media, and read our blog.

What Apps Are Cooking In The Lab?

One thing DoubleTAPP loves more than anything is gaming. This is our top priority.

We are bringing the next generation of Photo/Video Apps. What will you capture?

We know the importance of making your device more user friendly.

We are now offering our services to Local Business owners.

Expect some of our apps to run and operate via the web. No need to download

We are going to revolutionize the way people connect.